Go beyond the ordinary and experience your education the way you imagine. Evergreen is your way to the world.

Students observing instructor Krishna Chowdary demonstrate how gyroscopes work using a bicycle wheel, and rope hanging from the celling.

Learn your way

College should be your time and space to dig deep and dream big. At Evergreen, we go beyond majors and minors. Here you can layer your interests and design your own degree, choosing from more than 60 fields of study. Or select one of 11 curated Paths of Study to achieve your goals.

Whether you build your own route or select a defined Path of Study, you will study interconnected subjects that reflect real-world complexity. Learn biology and chemistry together, as they exist in the natural world. Explore a different country through its language, history, geography and culture. Discover how the environment, art and gender studies are all connected. Acquire an education that prepares you to think, create, analyze and solve problems.

The best part? All of your credits will count toward your Bachelor of Arts or Science, and you’ll learn, grow and explore as you do it.

A group of students veterans discuss how to increase veteran attendance, and growth at Evergreen.

More than just classes

Enroll in a single full-time program that layers multiple fields of study, instead of taking separate classes. Or combine a part-time program with a single-subject course. Browse our catalog to find offerings that suit your interests.

One on one career advising between Evergreen staff and student.

Way better than a letter

At most schools, you are what your grade-point average says you are. At Evergreen, we use context and explanation to evaluate performance, not a simple letter grade. (Kinda like the real world.) Detailed evaluations highlight your work and provide specific examples of your progress.

Not only do faculty provide critical evaluations, but you’ll also create a self-reflective Academic Statement which acts as your blueprint to your degree. You’ll use this document to record your achievements and refine your area of emphasis.

See how your work gets evaluated.

Value-based graduate programs

Our three grad programs are grounded in values of service, community, social justice, and stewardship.

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